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Woodlands fire safety FAQs - Spring 2019

Woodlands fire safety FAQs - Spring 2019

Whilst we're carrying out the final phase of fire safety enhancement works at The Woodlands, the usual Stay Put policy will not be in place.

In the event of an emergency, residents and visitors should evacuate the building by the stairs (not the lifts).

Residents of Elm, Ash, Willow and Oak Views should make their way to the children’s play area on Independent Street Park (behind Pine View).

Residents of Pine View should make their way to the garden area in front of Pine View.


Please be reassured that we hold details of any residents who are disabled or vulnerable, and that in the event of an emergency, helping with their evacuation will be our priority.  

Once the final phase of works is complete, we will get in touch to advise residents that the Stay Put policy is back in place.

If you have any questions about what you should do, please call 0115 915 2222.

Q:        Why is the evacuation policy changing?
A:        We have been in discussions with Nottingham Fire and Rescue (NFRS) and until the works in the lift foyers are     
            complete they want us 
to change the evacuation policy from Stay Put to Leave the Building.

Q:        What work is being done in the lift foyers?
A:        We’re improving the compartmentation (sealing) works between the foyers and the other corridors. This work has 
            already started at Pine View, and all of the Woodlands will be complete by the end of June this year.

Q:        Why are you telling us this now?
A:        We’re following the advice and instructions of NFRS to ensure your safety.

Q:        Am I in increased danger?
A:        No. The sprinklers and other fire improvement works that have been done in your flat and in communal areas make
           the Woodlands safer than ever.

Q:        What should I do if there’s a fire in my flat?
A:        Close the windows if possible, and leave immediately, closing the door behind you. Dial 999 and ask for the Fire
           Service, and sound the alarm by breaking the glass on the manual call point in the corridor. Leave the building by the
           stairs, not the lift.

Q:        What should I do if I hear an alarm sounding in the block?
A:        Leave the building by the stairs, not the lift, and go to the Assembly Point described above

Q:        What should I do when the weekly fire alarm test is carried out?
A:        The weekly fire alarm tests will continue and there is no requirement for you to leave the building during this test.