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Living in a flat

Living in a flat

There are some extra tenancy conditions to keep to when you live in a flat.

You can find out about fire safety and fire alarms in flats here

You can find out about our communal area policy here.

You must;

  • Help keep shared areas clean and tidy
  • use rubbish chutes or bins for normal household rubbish only     
  • make proper arrangements to dispose of medical waste such as needles, syringes or sanitary items         
  • report any faults or repairs needed in shared areas
  • keep the noise down, particularly at night or early in the morning, as people are living more closely to you than they would be if you lived in a house.

You mustn't;

  • Cause nuisance to or annoy your neighbours
  • leave things in communal areas
  • smoke in communal areas or lifts
  • prop open shared doors
  • let strangers in through the door entry control system
  • keep dogs or cats if you don’t have private access to an enclosed garden (unless you have a guide dog or a hearing dog and you’re disabled)
  • park in a way that blocks access for emergency vehicles
  • put up an aerial or satellite dish without our permission
  • throw anything out of the windows or from balconies.

Please take a look at our flat safety fact sheet.

If you live in the Victoria Centre flats, find out about fire safety and emergency procedures here.