Creating homes and places where people want to live

What to expect when you move in

Your new home standard

Our vision is to create homes and places where people want to live in.

We firmly believe that when you move into your new home it will be a place where you want to live. This is because your new home will be safe, secure, clean, in good condition and free from damage. 

This standard sets out what you expect your new home to be like. The Customer Excellence Panel, made up of tenants and leaseholders, have helped us to develop this standard. 

We aim to carry out all necessary work to your home before you move in, although, we may need to carry out some repairs afterward.

Outside your home and in your garden

  • All sheds, gardens, and garages will be structurally safe, clean and tidy
  • The grass and hedges will have been cut/trimmed and left neat
  • Your home will be structurally safe and sound.


  • All windows that are designed to open will do so easily
  • All windows will have suitable handles and locks to secure the property; keys will be provided for these
  • Glazing will be intact when you move into your home.


  • All internal and external doors will be in good working order
  • For each external door, you will be given two keys and two communal fob keys (if needed).


  • All floors, floorboards and floor tiles will be clean and in a safe condition.


  • Every home will have either a gas or electric cooker point - and in some cases, both will be provided
  • An appropriate number of units and worktops for the size of the kitchen will be provided
  • Plumbing for a washing machine will be provided, although some Independent Living Schemes may have a communal laundry room instead. Please be aware washing machines won't be provided with the property.


  • All bathroom and toilet fittings will be in full working order
  • A new toilet seat will be fitted
  • The tiles surrounding the bath and hand-basin will be clean and the sealant will be in good condition.


  • All floors will be swept and/or mopped
  • The kitchen worktops and units will be clean and stain-free
  • The bathroom toilet and fittings will be cleaned to a high standard of hygiene
  • All woodwork will be wiped down, including skirting boards and door frames
  • The loft will be cleared of any contents
  • The windows will be wiped down and smear-free. 

Heating and utilities

  • Gas and electric safety checks will have been carried out before you move in
  • Appointments for carrying out the gas safety 'recommission' (this is when we test and reconnect your gas and water supplies) will take place once you have arranged which company will supply your gas and electricity
  • The heating system will be serviced as part of an annual contract. All tenants are required to allow access once every year to complete the gas service check 
  • Smoke alarms will be fitted, and these will be tested and be in working order
  • An 'Energy Performance Certificate' for your home will be provided. This gives information on how energy is used in your home and the likely coats of your energy
  • Any vents in the property will be clean and operational.


  • Depending on the condition of your home, we may provide you with decorating points for you to order materials so that you can start decorating your new home through our 'You decide, we provide' scheme. You will be given a leaflet about this which provides more information
  • You will be able to place an order for the items you would like and these will be delivered to your home. 

Works after you move in

We may carry out some work after you move in which could include gates, fencing, and guttering as part of our regular maintenance programme. We will arrange a survey within one month of moving in, and we'll let you know the timescale for the work to be completed.

What we expect from you

You will be expected to look after your home during your tenancy, keep it well decorated, report any repair issues and allow access for safety inspections. To report any issues, call 0115 915 2222.

This standard is the minimum standard of repair that you can expect to find when you rent one of our homes, and you are expected to do minor repairs, decorate and keep your home clean and your garden tidy.

If you want to carry out any alterations or installations you will need to seek permission for this. You should contact your Housing Patch Manager on 0115 746 9555.

Your views

Once you have moved into your new home, we will ask you to tell us whether you feel we met our promises about the New Home Standard.

We would appreciate it if you could take the time to answer any questions we may ask you as this will help us to improve our services.