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Types of tenancy

Types of tenancy

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Introductory tenancy

If you haven’t been a council tenant before, you’ll get an introductory tenancy. It means that you have fewer rights than a secure tenant, and it’s easier for us to evict you if we need to.

Introductory tenancies last for a year and automatically become secure tenancies after that, unless you’ve breached any of your tenancy conditions. If there has been a breach, the introductory tenancy may be extended by another six months.

Breaches of an introductory tenancy include anti-social behaviour and may result in eviction if the breach of tenancy is very severe.

We’ll always explain the action that we take, and you have the right to ask for a review of any of our decisions.


Secure tenancy

If you’ve successfully completed the one-year (or longer if it’s been extended) introductory tenancy, you’ll then get a secure tenancy.

A secure tenancy gives you more rights, including the exclusive right to live in your home, and the right to buy it. You can’t be evicted unless we can prove there are grounds for us to do so, such as continued anti-social behaviour – and, of course, you still need to keep to all your tenancy conditions.


Furnished tenancy

We offer furnished tenancies, subject to an affordability check. You can find out more here.


Demoted tenancy

Your tenancy will be demoted if you’ve seriously breached the conditions of your secure tenancy. You’ll have fewer rights, similar to those of an introductory tenant.

A demoted tenancy lasts for 12 months, unless we decide to evict you during that period.