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Ending your tenancy

You must end your tenancy as described in your tenancy agreement. If you would like to end your tenancy, please click the link below and fill out the form.

Alternatively you can download a copy and print it here: Notice to quit form

When you en your tenancy and move out, we expect you to leave the property in good condition. This will allow us to prepare the property for the next person to move in. Find out more about the condition we expect your property to be in when you leave

It's important that we do everything we can to re-let empty properties as quickly as possible as we have a waiting list of people who want a home. Empty properties also attract vandals and anti-social behaviour. 

You'll be expected to leave on a Sunday, and we usually ask for four weeks' notice in advance. 

You must pay any money you owe us in full or come to an agreement with us. Any money you owe once you've left is called 'former tenant arrears'. Having former tenant arrears can affect your ability to get another tenancy, and may give you a bad credit rating.