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Former tenant arrears

Former tenant arrears

Former tenant arrears is money that you might owe us after you end your tenancy and leave your home. They may arise because:

  • You haven’t paid all your rent to cover the four-week notice period when your tenancy ends
  • You’ve paid your rent late during the time you’ve been an NCH tenant
  • You’ve missed a rent payment while you’ve been an NCH tenant
  • There have been gaps in your housing benefit payments while you’ve been an NCH tenant
  • You’ve returned the keys late after ending your tenancy and moving out
  • You’ve been evicted.

We charge you rent up to the day you leave, and you must make sure that you pay us up to then. If you don’t, and you then apply for another tenancy in future, it may affect your application.

When you’re getting near to ending your tenancy, remember:

  • Rent is charged a week in arrears. This means the final week's rent will be due the week after your tenancy has ended
  • You’ll be charged extra if you hand your keys in late
  • You’ll only get housing benefit up to the end of your tenancy. If you need it to pay for your next home, you’ll have to apply separately.

If you have former tenant arrears, you’ll find it very difficult to move house as your references for future landlords and your credit rating may be affected. We’ll chase you for the money you owe us, and you could have your debt passed to a debt collection agency or even end up in court.

Before your tenancy ends, get advice from a Rent Account Manager by calling 0115 915 4920 or emailing them.

If you're having problems paying your rent, speak to one of our Tenancy Sustainment Officers for money management advice on 0115 915 4920 or send them an email.

If your tenancy has ended and you owe us money, our Former Tenant Arrears Officers can help. Contact them on 0115 915 7169 or email them.