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Resident safety is our priority, which is why, after the Grenfell Tower tragedy of 2017, we've made a commitment to fit sprinklers in all our high rise blocks.

Our insurers Aviva have confirmed that if you are insured with them, there will be no impact on premiums during or following any works, and cover will remain in place unaffected during the course of the works. If you are insured with another provider, we would recommend that you check with them to see if your premiums will be affected by the installation of sprinklers.               


Sprinklers save lives. A sprinkler system will automatically activate to stop you from becoming trapped by heat and smoke, allowing you to get to safety.    

There has not been a single death as a result of a fire in a property that has had sprinklers fitted. 

Cooking smoke doesn’t set sprinklers off, and nor does cigarette smoke or steam from the bathroom. Unlike smoke detectors, sprinkler systems only go off if there is a significant source of heat, such as an actual fire, and only the sprinklers directly above the fire will activate to deal with the flames. To put it simply – sprinklers will protect your home, not put it at risk. 

Some people have expressed concern about the way the sprinklers look, and the impact that having them installed will have on their home – but please be assured that sprinkler systems are made to be unobtrusive. Pipework runs along the corner where the wall meets the ceiling and is boxed in. The sprinkler heads themselves are discreet. 

It will take two days to fit a sprinkler system in your flat, and your décor will not be damaged. 

Below is a short film we've produced that shows how effective sprinklers are for putting out fires, as well as answering some myths that are sometimes associated with sprinkler systems.

Tannoys and intercoms

Tannoys make it possible for us or the Emergency Services to broadcast announcements, instructions or messages in communal areas. This adds a level of security and safety.

Intercoms are linked to front door access to provide a standard front door intercom, but they’re also linked to our control centre, so that we can contact you in your home to let you know about disruption to services, lifts issues, or what to do in the event of an emergency.

They will also be programmed for direct access to the repairs help line and your local housing office. 

The system also allows us to contact you, by text message to your intercom, and to broadcast to you in emergencies or at times when services are being disrupted. 

We will need access to your home for around two hours to install your new intercom.