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Fire Safety and fire alarms in blocks of flats

Fire safety - how you can help

Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility, and you can help keep your block safe by:         

  • keeping corridors clear 
  • not propping fire doors open       
  • taking care when cooking       
  • never leaving unattended candles burning       
  • making sure cigarettes are properly extinguished       
  • not putting flammable materials in communal store cupboards       
  • not keeping bottled gas canisters in your home       
  • taking responsibility for rubbish and making sure it’s disposed of appropriately       
  • making sure mobility scooters, bicycles or other items are not left in corridors or somewhere  that might hinder your exit from your flat       
  • knowing your escape routes in case you are asked to leave your flat if told do so in an emergency – and making sure everyone who lives in your home knows them too.       

 Fire risk assessments

Your safety is important to us, which is why we carry out regular fire risk assessments on all our blocks. You can view the fire risk assessment for your block here.

High rise

Ash View 
Bentinck Court
Colwick Woods Court
Elm View        
Kingston Court            
Manvers Court  
Oak View            
Pine View         
Southchurch Court           
Victoria Centre            
Willow View            
Winchester Court          
Woodthorpe Court

Low rise

Argyle Court
Beacon Hill House  
Beckhampton Road
Belconnen Road
Bridgeway Centre
Bromley Close  
Burns Avenue
Burns Street
Byron Court 
Cairns Close     
Campbell Street
Capitol Court   
Carter Gate 
Cherry Orchard Mount 
Cinderhill Walk    
Colston Road, St Alban's Road and Austin Street 
Cranwell Road 
Elgar Gardens  
Elliot Goodwin House   
Forest Road West
Frobisher Gardens
Gedling Grove
Gilbert Gardens
Gladstone Street
Grafton Court 
Greet Court
Haywood Court 
Hirst Court
Holbrook Court 
Holden Court 
Holwood Court
Keswick Court
Kyle Street
Lanthwaite Close
Mapperley Park Drive
Masson House
Morley Court
Newark Crescent 
Park Street
Penn Avenue
Pleasant Court 
Previn Gardens
Quarry Avenue 
Rochester Walk
Smite Court
Springhead Court
Sargent Gardens 
Sullivan Close
Tennyson Street
Waterloo Road
Waverley Street
Wigman Road
Wilmington Gardens 
Woodgate Court 
Wyton Close

Independent living schemes 

Aspinall Court
Bentinck Court   
Bramley Green
Bullace Court
Beckhampton Road
Bellevue Court
Bramley Green
Briar Court
Brookfield Court
Cadlan Court
Carnforth Court
Chatham Court
Clover Green
Conway Close
Courtenay Court
Crossfield Court
Curzon Court
Dane Court
Duchess Gardens
Fenton Court
Foxton Gardens
Furze Court
Gabor Court 
Garfield Court
Haworth Court
Hazelhurst Gardens 
Kersall Court 
Keverne Court 
Kibworth Court
Kirkwhite Court
Lakehead House
Lathkill Close
Lothmore Court
Mariner Court
Mayfield Court
Meden Gardens
Mowbray Court
Naburn Court
Naomi Court
Oakford Close
Ogdon Court
Orchard Court
Palmer Court 
Pear Tree Orchard Court
Rona Court
Selhurst Court 
Simone Gardens
Sketchley Court
Snape Nook Court
Stanwick Close
Strelley Court
Strome Court 
Sunridge Court
Sutton House
The Cornfields
Todd Court
Townsend Court
Valley Farm Court
Wainwright House
Willowbrook Court
Winwood Court
Woodview Court


Gilead Street 
Highwood House
Fairham House (1 to 12)
Fairham House (14 to 25)


If you have any additional fire safety concerns that you'd like us to look into, please email us or call 0115 746 9007.

Fire alarm sounds

Live in a high rise? You can listen to the sound of the fire alarm in your block below.

Ash View

Bentinck Court

Colwick Woods Court

Elm View

Kingston Court

Manvers Court

Oak View

Pine View

Southchurch Court

Victoria Centre

Willow View

Winchester Court

Woodthorpe Court