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Alterations, improvements and major works

As a leaseholder you can carry out improvements and alterations to your home as long as you have permission.

We won’t refuse requests unreasonably, but we do have to monitor development in all our blocks of flats. You might need to apply for planning permission for some improvements and alterations.

If you carry out alterations and improvements without our permission, we may recharge you for the work we do to put the property back to its original state. Remember that the outside doesn’t belong to you.

You must tell us about structural work you’d like to do inside your home as well, such as knocking rooms through. You don’t need to tell us about things like repainting walls or putting up shelves.

If you want to make any alterations or improvements, please email us or write to:

Leasehold Team 
PO Box 10658

It’s helpful to include plans of the improvement or alteration you want to do. Our surveyors may want to look at your plans – if that’s the case, we’ll let you know.

Please don’t start any works before you get our written permission. Once the works are complete, please let us know.

Remember the conditions of your lease - if we do find that a leasehold property has had works done without our permission, we may order you to change it back to the original condition at your own cost.

If you need advice or want to talk to someone about your plans, please email us, or call us on 0115 746 9486.       

Major works

Major works are things like replacement roofs, fire safety improvements, new door entry systems and improvements to communal areas. We will always inform you in advance about these works.

By law, we have to consult leaseholders about major works where the total cost to a leaseholder is over £250, or when a long-term agreement (such as new CCTV) is being made and the yearly charge will be more than £100 to a leaseholder.