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We have 
around a thousand leaseholders across Nottingham. Leaseholders are customers who have exercised their right to buy their home, or who have bought it home on the open market.

Leasehold properties are mainly flats. This is because as a leaseholder, you’re essentially buying the inside of the property - think of it as owning everything from the plaster on the walls inwards – but the outside is owned by NCH.

When you apply to become a leaseholder, you'll be offered a session with one of the members of the team. The session will cover the rights and responsibilities you will take on once you become a leaseholder, the possible extra costs that could occur and tips on how to get the most out of a lease.

This offer is free - you do not have to take it up but it might help you understand how the whole process works.

Leaseholders get most of the services that tenants do, including gas maintenance checks. We do charge leaseholders for some services.

If you’d like to find out more about being an NCH leaseholder, please email us or call 0115 746 9486.

Alterations and improvements

As a leaseholder you can carry out improvements and alterations to your home as long as you have permission. We won’t refuse requests unreasonably.

Major works

Major works are things like replacement roofs, fire safety improvements, new door entry systems and improvements to communal areas. We will always inform you in advance about these works

Service charges

Service charges for leaseholders vary. We aim to charge fairly and reasonably for the services we provide. Find out more here.