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Mobility scooters

Mobility scooters

Your tenancy agreement allows you to keep mobility scooters in your home as long as they don’t block access routes - including your own access to your front door.

Leaving or charging mobility scooters in communal areas can cause a trip hazard. Mobility scooters can also damage fixtures and fittings such as fire doors and lifts. They can also catch fire.

When charging your scooter, you mustn’t use electricity from a supply that’s not in your own home, and you mustn’t store or charge scooters in communal areas. If you do, we may write to you, or we may take legal proceedings. If you’re a leaseholder, the same rules apply.

We have a legal duty to make sure that you and your neighbours and visitors are kept safe, and can quickly escape from your home if you need to. We monitor the use of mobility scooters in communal areas to avoid any fire risk or obstruction.

Please remember:

  • Mobility scooters, chargers and so on are used and stored at the owner’s risk.   
  • You must not make any unauthorised alterations (such as installing ramps or widening doorways) without our permission.
  • If you want to buy a mobility scooter, please talk to your Housing Patch Manager or your Independent Living Coordinator first – they can provide you with written guidance that you may find useful.
  • If there is a scooter store where you live, we will charge you a fee, payable as part of your rent, to use it.   
  • It’s your responsibility to comply with any legislation relating to keeping and using a mobility scooter, including insurance and registration with the DVLA.