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St Anns and Bakersfield

St Anns

Bellevue Court - 9 one-bedroom bungalows - pet-friendly
Southampton Street, St Anns, NG3 3NA

Bullace Road – 26 one-bedroom flats
Bullace Road, St Ann’s, NG3 3HA

Conway Close - 11 one-bedroom bungalows - pet-friendly
Conway Close, St Ann’s, NG3 4FJ

Courtenay Gardens - 19 one-bedroom flats
Abbotsford Drive, St Ann’s, NG3 4QG

Curzon Court - 19 one-bedroom flats and bungalows
St Ann’s Well Road, St Ann’s, NG3 1NT

Dane Court - 25 one-bedroom flats
Abbotsford Drive, St Ann’s, NG3 1NP

Furze Gardens - 21 one-bedroom bungalows - pet-friendly
Abbotsford Drive, St Ann’s, NG3 4QH

Ogdon Court - 25 one-bedroom flats - scooter store
Beecham Avenue, St Ann’s, NG3 2HN

Wainwright House - 44x one-bedroom flats, 1 two-bedroom flat - scooter store
Wainwright Street, St Ann’s, NG3 3FR


Woodview Court - 32 one-bedroom flats
Greenwood Road, Bakersfield, NG3 7FZ