Creating homes and places where people want to live

Bestwood Park, Bulwell, Highbury Vale and Top Valley


The Cornfields - 28 one-bedroom flats, Four two-bedroom flats 
Broadwood Road, Bestwood Park, NG5 5QQ

Hazel Hill Place - 23 one-bedroom flats, 1 two-bedroom flat 
Beckhampton Road, Bestwood, NG5 5NE 


Duchess Garden - 18 one-bedroom bungalows, 6 two-bedroom bungalows 
Rock Street, Bulwell, NG6 8JS

Hazelhurst Gardens - 24 one-bedroom flats, 4 two-bedroom flats 
Hazel Street, Bulwell, NG6 8HB

Lathkill Close - 36 one-bedroom flats - scooter store 
Lillington Road, Bulwell, NG6 8SQ 

Naomi Court - 28 one-bedroom flats, 4 two bedroom flats, 4 one-bedroom bungalows - scooter store 
Naomi Crescent, Hucknall Lane, Bulwell NG6 8EG

Sketchley Court - 26 one-bedroom bungalows, 1 three-bedroom bungalow 
Dogwood Avenue, Bulwell, NG6 7DL

Snape Nook Court - 38 one-bedroom flats 
Snapewood Road, Bulwell NG6 7GH 

Highbury Vale

Chatham Court - 26 one-bedroom flats 
Station Road, Highbury Vale NG6 9NA

Kersall Court - 28 one-bedroom flats, 4 two-bedroom flats, 8 one-bedroom bungalows - scooter store 
Kersall Drive, Highbury Vale NG6 9DT

Mariner Court - 24 one-bedroom flats 
Irwin Drive, Highbury Vale NG2 2HS

Rona Court - 32 one bedroom flats 
Saxondale Drive, Highbury Vale NH6 9EZ

Top Valley

Cadlan Court - 19 one-bedroom bungalows, 6 two-bedroom bungalows - pet-friendly 
Trefan Gardens, Top Valley NG5 9HB

Crossfield Court - 24 one-bedroom flats 
Crossfield Drive, Ridgeway, Top Valley NG5 9EU 

Masson Court - 20 one-bedroom flats, 4 one-bedroom bungalows 
Meregill Close, Old Farm Road, Top Valley NG5 9NG

Townsend Court - 25 one and three-bedroom flats - scooter store 
Jacklin Gardens, Top Valley, Nottingham, NG5 9JG

Valley Farm Court - 24 one-bedroom bungalows 
Old Farm Road, Top Valley NG5 9DQ