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Woodlands gas project

Works are taking place at the Woodlands in Radford to install new gas pipes on the outside of each block. The new pipework will then feed into each flat’s kitchen. Existing gas meters will be moved from their current location in the lobbies into a kitchen cupboard in each flat.

The project is being led by Cadent (the new name for Transco, the gas people). Please be reassured that they have all the necessary risk assessments and documentation in place in line with current guidance and regulations, including coronavirus precautions.  

While the scaffolding and mast climbers are in place, we will clean the blocks and repair windows from the outside where needed.

Social distancing guidelines will be observed at all times by staff on site. 



The team has now moved on to Ash View and is getting scaffolding in place ready to start works there. 



Oak View is now complete, with one resident commenting, "I was worried about them coming in and making a mess, but it was all done really quickly and neatly and they left my kitchen beautiful."