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Decent Neighbourhoods - Springhead and Holwood Courts

We are delivering an improvement project in the Crabtree Farm area. 

The project includes: 

  • Replacing bin chutes in blocks of flats with external bins to provide recycling facilities and improve the environment of the blocks
  • Painting outside and inside (communal areas)
  • New flooring and ceilings in communal areas
  • Upgraded lighting and electrics in communal areas
  • Improvements to the reception area onto Hoefield Crescent, and new doors.
  • New  bulky waste collection area
  • Cleaning and repair of all paving and brickwork
  • Landscaping
  • More parking
  • A bike store
  • New door numbers and signage
  • Removal of any unnecessary metal fencing, and replacement fencing for ground floor flats.

Colour options for the flats have now been agreed - see below.