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Interreg Mustbe0

Interreg Mustbe0


Affordable, desirable, long-term performance-guaranteed net zero energy retrofits for apartment buildings in North West EuropeMustbe0: Affordable, desirable,
long-term performance guaranteed net zero energy retrofits for apartment buildings in North West Europe

The UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands alone have 43 million apartments that are not yet futureproof because there is no compelling deep-energy retrofit solution for them. Finding this solution is key if countries are to achieve the EU’s CO2 target.

Energiesprong has a solution. Within the Mustbe0 project, Energiesprong market development teams will kick start the UK market for these buildings.

Through the Mustbe0 project, nine housing providers in the UK, France, Germany and the Netherlands have committed to collaborating on the retrofit of at least 415 apartments to launch the market.

Nottingham City Council and Nottingham City Homes are responsible for delivering the UK demonstrator, showing how the Energiesprong model in the UK can be adapted for these apartments.

Other partners from across North West Europe include:

  • Greenflex
  • German Energy Agency
  • Vernovia SE
  • Notre Logis
  • Vilogia
  • Woonmeij
  • Factory Zero BV
  • RC Panels
  • VBW Building and Living GMBH
  • Housing Association by Vorgebirgspark eG
  • Building Cooperative Oberricklingen eG in Hannover
  • Arsago
  • VIOS building group BV.

The project is partly funded by Interreg NWE, with funding of £11.58m.  Of this funding, €2,598,930 has been allocated to Nottingham.

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