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Helping you beat condensation

Helping you beat condensation

Condensation is the most common cause of damp in homes. It's usually very simple to sort out - normally just needing improvements in the way you ventilate your homes.

How do they work?

They measure the amount of moisture in the air. If the display shows the hand in the green area, it means that moisture levels are okay. If it goes above the green area, it means that the level of moisture in the air is high enough to cause condensation. It's a signal to open a window to ventilate your home. 

The tenants who have used it have found it really useful and are changing the way they ventilate their homes as a result:

"It's working well and is easy to understand". 

"it's helped me to understand when I need to ventilate". 

Would you like one?

Email the Energy Team with your name and address details to request one. Please allow 28 days for delivery.