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The Courts

The £1.5million Remourban/EU-funded Courts project saw the retrofitting of 94 maisonettes and apartments  in Morley, Haywood, Byron and Keswick Courts to a high energy efficiency standard.

The project has transformed the flats, linking them to locally-generated energy and installing high levels of insulation. It's hugely improved the look of the blocks, and it'll deliver savings of up to £550 per year in each resident’s fuel bill.

Balconies have been altered to provide more bedroom space,  a private wire electricity supply has been installed with solar panels and battery storage, and low temperature district heating has been put into the blocks.  

As part of the project, we picked up additional items based on resident feedback, including remodelling bedsits to make them into one bed flats, and trialling recycling bins rather than bin chutes. 

Painting and environmental works complete and enhance the new environment and contribute to the regeneration that has been taking place in the area. 

Find out below how the project has progressed since 2017. 


Works on the Courts - 2017

April 2017 - A presentation to residents took place about proposed improvements to Morley, Haywood, Byron and Keswick Courts in Sneinton. The improvements would be funded by the RemoUrban project. 

June 2017 -  Meetings with individual leasehold homeowners took place. Comments and views from all residents continued to be collected to inform the decision making process.  Preparatory work began in the grounds, including demolition of chimney stacks and clearing of roofs and gutters.

September 2017 - Contractors Sustainable Building Services (SBS) were awarded the contract to put external wall insulation on and district heating into the Courts. 

November 2017 - It was agreed that works would be delivered to Byron Court first, including insulation, new windows and doors, solar panels, communal battery storage, balcony works, district heating and deck access works. Residents had said during consultation that they were keen to keep gas to the building, so  designs were amended to reflect this. Leaseholders received all the formal notices required about charges for works. They were forecast to have to pay between £13k and £19k each, subject to the level of work required, so we began to seek additional ECO funding to support them.  

Works on the Courts - 2018

February 2018 - A resident event was held and was well-attended; a resident project group was to be established to help with ongoing queries.  Work was due to start in April with completion by December.  4 Keswick Court was to be refurbished first, then used as a show home for the duration of the project.

December 2018 - Scaffolding was up on all the blocks. Byron Court was due for completion by the end of the year, including the switch to district heating. The plant room was being built and meters installed. Solar panels and balcony remodelling was ongoing. We also began trialling the use of communal bins rather than a bin chute at Byron Court, in line with resident requests.


Work on the Courts - 2019

February 2019 - District heating was now connected to all four blocks. The balcony remodelling at Byron Court was nearing completion, and bedsit remodelling was due to start once the residents were temporarily relocated. The bin trial at Byron Court had been well-received (the bin chute had been cut off and replaced with three general waste bins and one recycling bin). 

May 2019 - Byron and Keswick Courts were nearing completion, and Haywood and Morley were progressing well. The district heating room was completed, and improvements were being made to the exterior. Bedsit remodelling was progressing, and we were consulting residents to get ideas for improvements to the communal gardens once the works are complete.  

November 2019 - Most properties were completed and handed over, and feedback from residents about their energy bills was positive. The work to convert the ground floor bedsits into one bedroom properties was ongoing. We began to develop a plan to maintain the green spaces, and we started planning to put new external recycling bins into Keswick, Morley and Haywood Courts following the successful trial at Byron Court. We received some colour proposals for the painting of the communal areas and prepared to consult residents about colour choices.