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Carbon Neutral Nottingham

We’re investing millions of pounds in supporting Nottingham's ambition to become carbon neutral. By making our organisation more environmentally sustainable, we can play our part in helping to fight climate change.

This includes making improvements to the way we run our business, such as introducing electric vehicles to our fleet and installing photovoltaic installation (solar panels) on the roof of our Harvey Road offices to help us produce green energy.

We're also making our homes warmer and cheaper to run, which is not only good for the environment but will also help tackle fuel poverty.

Through a seven year programme of improvements under the Secure Warm Modern (Decent Homes) scheme we improved existing council properties and reduced energy bills. This programme didnt just target residents, it gave home owners living nearby the opportunity to pay to have the same work done to their home, at a much cheaper rate than would be available ordinarily. 

Today we're continuing to improve the energy-efficiency of our homes by joining Nottingham City Council in their aim for a Carbon Neutral Nottingham. We're achieving this by making energy-efficiency integral to all of our our new-build homes. But we're also committed to improving existing homes up to a minimum EPC of D by 2020, and C by 2030. We are doing this through a variety of initiatives including:

  • new, energy efficient boilers
  • solid wall insulation
  • loft and cavity wall insulation
  • double glazing window and doors
  • utilising district heating from burning waste
  • installing solar panels to almost 4000 homes.

We are creating net zero homes that are ready for 2050 standards now. You can read more about some of the energy efficiency initiatives that will help us achieve this by clicking the links below.