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Best Garden Competition

We are delighted to be able to congratulate the winners of the 2021 Best Garden Competition - recognising the pride that tenants who live on our estates take in their gardens.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered this year's competition – and our thanks once again to gardening expert John Stirland for judging all the entries.

To see this year's winners and finalists, click here.


1. The 2021 Garden Competition is open to any Nottingham City Homes tenant, any former tenant who has bought their house under the Right to Buy Scheme, anybody who has purchased a former council home on a Nottingham City Homes estate or any Nottingham City Homes leaseholder. Community Gardens operating within the city boundaries to the benefit and enjoyment of local residents can also enter.

2. This year’s city-wide categories are:

  • Best garden transformation
  • Best communal green space
  • Best community garden
  • Best edible garden
  • Best floral display
  • NCH young gardener (for gardeners up to 18 years of age)
  • Best small garden
  • Best use of outdoor space

3. Entry for the competition is made available from April to 16 July via the Nottingham City Homes Facebook page or the Nottingham City Homes’ Involvement team email. No postal entrants will be accepted. All entries must be received by the specified date. All judging will be virtually based on the photographs provided

4. One winner will be awarded per category. Prizes will only be awarded upon the achievement of a 50% or more score.

5. Category winners will be notified by phone by September, although Nottingham City Homes reserve the right to extend the competition deadline.

6. Nottingham City Homes cannot accept any responsibility for loss or delay to entries.

7. By entering the competition you give Nottingham City Homes’ permission to use photographs of your home or garden and your name and street to be included in related press releases and any future publications.