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Report a repair

We're committed to providing you with an excellent repairs service. However, before reporting a repair please read the below to first check which repairs are your responsibility.

Repairs that are your responsibility

Under the terms of your tenancy agreement, you have to carry out some minor repairs and pay for them yourself. These are repairs to:

  • letterboxes, door knockers and doorbells
  • latches and bolts
  • door handles
  • kitchen cupboard and drawer handles, knobs, catches and hinges
  • sink, basin and bath plugs and chains
  • blocked pipes to sinks, basins, baths and toilets
  • coat hooks
  • toilet seats and pull chains
  • tiles and splash backs, including fireplace tiles
  • window catches and fasteners on wooden windows in houses, but not flats
  • plaster cracks caused by shrinkage
  • external grates
  • we expect you to replace light-bulbs, fuses and electrical plugs (not wall sockets) yourself
  • if you lose your keys, it’s your responsibility to get the lock changed and new keys cut. We can do the repair and charge you if you prefer. If the lock has seized up, we will do the repair.

Reporting a repair

For repairs that are our responsibility, you can:

Click the button below to report your non-emergency repair online - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can also report a non-emergency repair over the phone between 8.30am - 5pm, Monday to Friday by calling us on 0115 915 2222.

Please telephone us if your repair is an emergency, so we can provide immediate advice. To read more about which repairs are classed as an emergency, or a priority, see our Emergency repairs page

However, you get in touch, we’ll need to know your name and address, your phone number and details about the repair – remember, the more you tell us, the quicker we can help – as well as what time is good for us to come and see you about the repair, and whether you have any hearing difficulties or need some time to get to the door.

If the repair is our responsibility we’ll give you a reference number and arrange an appointment. Repair requests are put into groups according to how urgent the repair is. We charge for some kinds of repairs – we’ll let you know if you’ll be charged when you report your repair.

If you think you may have coronavirus

Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties or a a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

If you think you have the virus, or you're self-isolating, either voluntarily or on medical advice, please call us on 0115 915 2222 to let us know before your scheduled appointment.

Even people without symptoms can have coronavirus. So for the safety of both you and our staff, when we visit we’ll wear personal protective equipment (PPE) as appropriate. We will also observe social distancing and may ask you to wait in a separate room while we carry out the repair, to keep risk to a minimum.