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Rent increases

Rents have actually gone down by 1% a year since 2016, so this is the first time we’ve put them up in five years.

We’ll use the extra money to improve services, including delivering faster responsive repairs that are right first time, tackling anti-social behaviour, and improving our estates and neighbourhoods – all of which you say are important to you. 

More than nine out of 10 of our residents think that their rent is good value for money, and we’re always working hard to keep it affordable. Here are some tips to help with rent management:

  • If you pay by Direct Debit, thank you for choosing the easiest way to pay. You don’t need to do anything - we’ll make the change, and write to you with the new amount before your April payment comes out.
  • If you pay your rent yourself, please pay the new amount from 6 April 2020. This would be a good time for you to switch to paying by Direct Debit – it’s so much easier, because you won’t have to remember to pay your rent; it’ll be paid automatically. All you need to do to set up a Direct Debit is give us a call on 0115 915 492
  • If you get Housing Benefit, the Council will write to you before the end of March to let you know how much, if anything, you’ll need to pay.
  • If you’re on Universal Credit and get help with your housing costs in your payment, you’ll get a to-do action on your journal in April. As soon as you do, please update your journal, or your housing costs payment might not cover your rent.

There are two rent free weeks - the weeks beginning 31 August and 21 December 2020. If you’re behind with your rent, you must continue to pay in these weeks to reduce your arrears. Direct Debit calculations and benefit payments will take these weeks into account and spread the reduction over the year.

If you’d like advice on paying your rent or help with managing your money, please call us on 0115 915 4920 or, you can text us for free on 80800 and start your message with the word RENT, and we’ll call you back.