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Nottingham City Homes signs up to Consent Coalition partnership

24 August 2021 

This week we joined the city’s Consent Coalition, a partnership initiative that raises awareness of sexual consent and challenges common myths.

The coalition works to raise awareness of the importance of consent, challenge myths about rape and sexual violence, and encourages survivors to access support and/or make a report.

Nottingham City Homes will not tolerate any kind of anti-social behaviour, including sexual violence and other forms of domestic abuse. We take any reports of these kind of behaviours seriously, thoroughly investigate, and treat those reporting it sensitively throughout. We also make referrals to agencies such as you to a specialist agency such as Women’s Aid or Men’s Advice Line, or other agencies that make up the Consent Coalition.      

“I welcome the opportunity to sign up as a partner to the Consent Coalition” says Nottingham City Homes’ Director of Housing Stephen Feast. “It’s never been more important than now to pull resources together to tackle this kind of abuse and violence, that has increased during lockdown and needs to be addressed urgently. I look forward to working with other Coalition partners to seek solutions to help those experiencing sexual violence, and those who have survived it and are rebuilding their lives.”

Louise Graham from the Consent Coalition says, “Victims of sexual violence are likely to know the perpetrator who harms them - they may even be in a relationship with them, or married to them.

“In Nottingham, we’re committed to ensuring that victims and survivors are given the specialist support they need. We want to make sure people are not alone in their time of need.”