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Homes at the heart

Our homes have never been more important to us than they have been during the coronavirus crisis.

Everyone deserves a safe, secure, comfortable place to call home. Not just now, in the middle of this crisis, but always. 

Investing in social housing makes this possible. It will also boost the economy, create jobs and improve people’s lives when our nation needs it most.

That’s why we’re supporting Homes at the Heart. Launched by the National Housing Federation in June 2020, this is a national campaign and coalition calling for a once-in-a-generation investment in social housing.

Chair of the NCH Board, Malcolm Sharp MBE, said: 

"It has been blindly obvious to any serious student of the housing crisis for some time now that the most effective solution is for the government to make a massive injection of resources to support social housing. The Grenfell tragedy shone a light on the need for this and the current crisis has only reinforced the message further.

Everyone needs a decent affordable roof over their head, it is indeed at the heart of a fair and just society and for millions sitting on waiting lists or finding themselves homeless this is the only way they are going to get one. Not only that but it makes huge sense in economic terms as we seek to build the economy in a post COVID world.

It’s the right moral thing to do, it’s right for social cohesion, right for levelling up the left behind places and it’s right for the economy. Like our forebears after the second world war It’s a once in a generation opportunity to get this right. I couldn’t be more pleased to support the NHF Homes at the Heart Campaign."

Read more about the campaign.

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