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Celebrating International Women’s Day

It’s International Women's Day on 8 March, a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

The construction and housing industry is traditionally male dominated, but Nottingham City Homes is committed to promoting equality and embracing the diversity in employment.

We’re particularly proud of our dedicated Women in Construction programme, providing women from our workforce and wider communities with valuable skills to help them start or continue their careers in construction and related industries.

Last year our Women in Construction programme celebrated five years of helping women in the city to get into trade and constructions jobs. Since it began, over 500 women in Nottingham have taken part.

Here are just a few of the women who have benefited from the programme.

Claire attended a Women in Construction Taster Day back in December 2018. The experience gave her the determination and enthusiasm to apply to for a job at NCH, and she joined us as an Apprentice Plumber in 2019.  Claire said: “I'm passionate about getting more women into construction work. It was only by meeting with a NCH employee that I found out about WiC. I'd never considered a career in construction because I never even knew it was an option. I want all women to know that it’s actually a fantastic career choice.” Claire won the Outstanding Personal Development award in the NCH Tenant and Leaseholder Awards 2020. 

Sarah* had been through some challenging times. She had health issues and family commitments, and was unemployed for a number of years. She saw an advert for Women in Construction and attended a Taster Day. Sarah subsequently applied for an apprenticeship with Nottingham City Homes. During the assessment period, she learnt about the position of Block Caretaker within the NCH Estates and Caretaking services team. She applied for the role and successfully got the job. 

*Name changed for privacy

When Caroline decided that she wanted a change of career, she recalled being fascinated by watching her father, a plumber, at work. Although she wanted to work in the building trade, for a while she did not feel confident enough in finding an apprenticeship especially with no experience and a family to take care of.

Caroline attended a Women in Construction workshop and spoke to various members of staff. Inspired by their success stories, she found the confidence to continue with her dream.  She signed up to City College to do a plumbing qualification and she spent a year volunteering on building sites and at a refurbishment company. Caroline started working Nottingham City Homes as an Apprentice Plumber in 2018. 

Nick Murphy, Chief Executive at Nottingham City Homes, said: “We set up the Women in Construction programme to encourage women to consider a career in trades, construction and housing jobs.  We have now supported over 500 women into the programme, which is a great achievement for everybody involved. We want to see Women in Construction continue to grow, and I hope these success stories inspire more women to take part.”

If you want to know what it’s like to be a plumber, electrician, joiner, plasterer, gas engineer, painter and decorator, or bricklayer then why not come along to one of our FREE women-led workshops?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of our courses are being run online at the moment, but we’ll be reinstating the classroom courses when we can.

To find out more please call 07904 583 937 or email us