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Apprentices Build the Future at NCH

National Apprenticeship week runs from 8 to 14 February, and this year the theme is Build the Future.

At Nottingham City Homes (NCH) we’re proud to be recognised as a fantastic place to launch a new career with an apprenticeship. We were recently ranked as number 30 in the list of Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers – the only Nottingham-based company to make the list.

Our apprenticeship programme brings diverse talent into our business, develops and grows our future talent pipeline, and reinvigorates our existing workforce. Apprentices gain on-the-job training, study for a qualification and earn money while they learn. 

As one of Nottingham’s largest employers, we follow Nottingham City Council’s pledge of Nottingham jobs for Nottingham people, with our own emphasis on creating work and training opportunities for NCH tenants, and existing members of staff.

Nick Murphy, NCH Chief Executive, said: “Apprentices are a vital part of Nottingham City Homes. Investing in apprenticeships is very important to us as a local employer. It helps people develop their careers by gaining qualifications and also helps us provide better services. By upskilling our workforce we can provide the best quality services for our customers.

Our apprenticeship training now covers many professions - from business administration to housing management. We’re committed to running a strong apprenticeship programme, and that’s why we were so proud to be named in the latest Apprenticeships Top 100 list.”

Last year, 33 NCH apprentices completed their qualifications. Lisa Hodgkinson is one of those celebrating this success. Lisa is a Housing Patch Manager, who undertook a Housing and Property Management, Level 3. She said: “I wanted to progress within my career and while I had many years’ experience within the housing sector, I knew that I needed more knowledge within the social housing sector specifically in order to be able to progress further.”

“The apprenticeship has already enabled me to progress in to a job role that I would otherwise have struggled to reach. I strive to be the best I can be and am a huge advocate for lifelong learning. I am exceptionally grateful that I was given the opportunity to do the apprenticeship.”

Another success story is Jake Kervick, an NCH Health and Tenancy Sustainment Officer. Jake said: I decided to do an apprenticeship as to be honest I was in a bit of a stalemate with how far my university degree could go in terms of employment and wanted to continue learning and this felt the perfect opportunity to gain employment and to continue my own professional development and learning

My apprenticeship was for Housing Management and it involved how a variety of modules and experience learnt from the rents department of Nottingham City Homes.

The role I have secured is the Health and Tenancy Sustainment Officer, which suits me right down to the ground. My apprenticeship helped me gain this role which has increased my skills base, confidence in securing future roles and real hands on experience.”