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"Of local histories, this is undoubtedly the pick of the crop" 

The Guardian, April 2018

"It's a pleasure to see this fine account of Nottingham's council housing history. It's a story well worth telling and one - in Nottingham and elsewhere - that this blog has sought to share. Above all, it's a people's history, a history of homes and communities but it encompasses high (and low) politics too, architecture and planning and much, much else: a history of concern to anyone interested in the fabric - in the broadest sense - of our society." 

John Boughton, Author 'Municipal Dreams' (online)

"The rise of social housing in the country provided what has been called 'the biggest collective leap in living standards in British history" 

Rt Hon Teresa May MP, Prime Minister, September 2018

"It tells a compelling story of mistakes and triumphs, missed opportunities and pioneering policies." 

The Nottingham Post, December 2015

"Chris Matthews' concise and accessible history of Nottingham's council houses is a timely reminder of the importance of social housing on a personal, social and political level. Whilst his book will be of particular interest to readers with a connection in Nottingham, it will hold a broader appeal for anyone with an interest in the politics of housing, social mobility and urban planning... It would make a useful addition to reading lists for undergraduate housing-related and social policy courses and benefit readers who are seeking a general introduction to the history and role of social housing in the UK." 

Richard Machin, Staffordshire University, May 2016

"I heartily recommend this attractive, well researched book." 

Ken Brand, Nottingham Civic Society, Newsletter No. 159, January 2016

"Nottingham is a city that has been shaped, developed and grown on these homes." 

Left Lion, February 2016

"A book celebrating a city's social housing was a surprise Christmas hit." 

BBC Nottingham, December 2016

"Wonderfully put together." 

The Nottinghamshire Historian, 2016

"I know a good local history when I read one and, I promise you, this is good...Truly wonderful stuff which swells the heart and puffs out the chest." 

Rober Howard, former reviews editor for Local History Magazine, 2015

"This is such an imaginative endeavour - we probably all think we know about council housing but I don't suppose the knowledge on this subject has been drawn together before in this way. It's an important social document and is engaging and entertaining as well." 

Chris Leslie, MP for Nottingham East

"I got it for Christmas and just finished it. Really fascinating and a pretty honest account I thought." 

Tom Copley, London Assembly Member and Deputy Chair of the Assembly's Housing Committee, 2016