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AGM - 9 October 2014

AGM - 9 October 2014

Please find the AGM details for the 2014 meeting.

Meeting held at:

Lord Middleton Suite, Wollaton Hall, Nottingham


1. Approve Minutes of the NCH 2013 Annual General Meeting and consider any matters arising

2.To receive the report of the directors and audited accounts for the year ended March 2014.

3. To Approve the Appointment KPMG UK LLP and the Company's External Auditors

4. To approve the Membership of the Board

5. Tenant Board Members
- To note the retirement of the following tenant board members pursuant to Article 15. (1):
Kathleen Biddle
- To note the appointment of the following tenant board members pursuant to Article 15. (4):
Abdulkadir Abakir

6. Independent Board Members
-To note there are no retirements of independent board members pursuant to article 16. (1):

7. Council Board Members
- to note the Council Member has formally advised of the appointment of the following as Council Board Members pursuant to article 14. (1) in a Notice dated 10 July 2013.

Councillor Alex Ball

Coucillor Rosemary Healy

Councillor Sarah Piper

This Notice is dated 12 September 2014.

By order of the Board.