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12 November 2012

12 November 2012

Please find reports and appendices for this meeting.

Meeting held at:

3.30pm in the Board Room, First Floor, 14 Hounds Gate, Nottingham

Directors are requested to attend the above meeting on the date and at the time and place stated to transact the following business.

Nick Murphy
Chief Executive


1. Welcome and introductions

2. Appointment of Chair

3. Apologies for absence

4. Declarations by of interest by Board members and officers

5. Minutes of the Finance and Audit Committee meeting held on 9 July 2012

6. Terms of Reference

7. Internal Audit Plan and Reports
Reports of the company's internal auditors (PKF UK LLP)

Equality and Diversity
Disaster Recovery Contingency Planning
Standing Orders and Procurement
Arrears Management and Income Maximisation
Tenant and Resident Association Grants
Audit Plan
Internal Audit Progress Report

8. Outstanding Audit Recommendations
Report of the Head of Finance

Appendix 1 - Audit Register Summary
Appendix 2 - Audit Register

9. Dispensations from Financial Regulations
Report of the Company Secretary and Solicitor

Appendix - Dispensation Register

10. Anti-fraud and Corruption Framework
Report of the Head of Finance

Appendix - Draft Anti-fraud and Corruption Framework

11. Standing Orders Part 3: Tender and Contract Procedure Rules - Minor Amendments
Report of the Head of Finance and Assistant Solicitor

12. Review of the Governance Standing Order
Report of the Company Secretary and Solicitor

Appendix - Draft Governance Standing Order

13. Any other business

11. Date of next meeting – 14 January 2013.

Members wishing to submit their apologies should do so by contacting the Governance team on 0115 915 7212.

This agenda was issued by Royal Mail on 5 November 2012.