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NCH resident evicted for tenancy fraud

NCH resident evicted for tenancy fraud

27 July 2018

Nottingham City Homes (NCH) has recovered a three-bed property in Clifton after the resident was evicted for tenancy fraud.    

The resident obtained the property dishonestly. She had held another tenancy with NCH previously, but had wanted to move, and when the opportunity arose, had reapplied for housing.   

She answered all questions on the housing application form and stated that she did not own or have an interest in any other property. She then went on to take up her new tenancy in Clifton.

Shortly afterwards, NCH received information from a member of the public about the resident in question owning a property in Oxfordshire along with her husband – information which the resident had not disclosed on her application.

The matter was fully investigated and the resident formally interviewed. It transpired that just after she had gained the new tenancy in Nottingham, she had sold the Oxfordshire property and in doing so had made a profit of around £42,000.

The matter was placed before the County Court in Nottingham in April this year, and NCH’s case was upheld. The judge said that the resident had given dishonest information in order to jump the housing queue, and ordered that NCH take outright possession of the property, as for the resident to remain there would have meant that she would ‘benefit from her wrongdoing’.

Gill Moy, NCH Director of Housing and Customer Services, said, “The outcome of this case is a success for both ourselves and for Nottingham City Council, with whom we worked closely to secure this result. We have been able to recover a property that can now be used to house a family in genuine need in our city.

“The initial information for us to make the case came from a member of the public, which shows that everyone can get involved and help make sure that valuable social housing goes to those who really need it.”  

Tenancy fraud, including sub-letting,  lying about circumstances to get a property, or key selling, is a criminal offence. Anyone who suspects a case of tenancy fraud can report it to Nottingham City Homes by: