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Winwood Heights hairdressing opportunity

Winwood Heights hairdressing opportunity


Nottingham City Homes (NCH) is looking to secure hairdressing services (and possibly other complementary therapies) to be provided for the residents of the Winwood Heights extra care and older persons housing scheme. NCH will make available a room, complete with hairdressing stations and chairs for this purpose.

NCH invite bids from interested parties for the provision of hairdressing services in accordance with the requirements detailed below. 

It is intended that that the agreement will run for a period of three years, with a review at eight months and 20 months to ensure that both parties continue to be happy with the terms agreed.


Winwood Heights

Winwood Heights is an extra care and older persons housing scheme situated in Woodthorpe Park, Sherwood Nottingham.  It is a social housing community of 223 homes spread over three interconnected buildings. All residents of the scheme are aged 55 and over; the current female / male split is 43% / 57%

The site is served by a local link bus providing a connection to both Mapperley and Sherwood shopping centres.   



The hairdressing suite at Winwood Heights will be situated on the ground floor of the central (new building).  The suite is 28m2 with a separate 4m2 waiting area and 4m2 storage area.  There will be two haircutting stations provided with two haircutting chairs.  There will also be two washing stations provided with two washing chairs.  There will be electrical sockets for plugging in dryers (not provided).  The waiting area will be equipped with seating and a small coffee table. NCH will have responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of all equipment provided.

External to hairdressing suite will be two accessible toilets which will be able to be utilised by hairdressing staff and customers.  Whilst there is no kitchen facility in the hairdressing suite, the communal kitchen facility in the communal lounge will be available for use by hairdressing staff

All utility costs (heating, electricity, water) will be provided within the fee agreed for rental of the facility.

It is anticipated that the facility will be available from June 2019.


Service requirements

  1. NCH requires hairdressing services to be provided to both male and female residents of Winwood Heights. This can be both on an appointment and drop in basis.   
  2. NCH will permit non-residents of the scheme aged 55+ to utilise the Winwood Heights hairdressing facility as long as this does not interfere with the ability of Winwood Heights residents to access hairdressing services on site.
  3. As Winwood Heights is a social housing scheme for older people, NCH expects that the pricing structure for hairdressing services will reflect the economic circumstances of many of the residents.
  4. he service provider must employ staff who are have an understanding of the needs of older citizens and are respectful of Nottingham’s diverse communities.
  5. The service provider will publicise the times that the service is to be made available to residents of the scheme.
  6. The service provider will ensure that the facility is left clean and tidy at the end of each session.
  7. The service provider will treat the equipment provided with respect and any damage resulting from misuse must be paid for.
  8. NCH is open to other appropriate services (e.g. beauty, complimentary therapies, chiropody, etc) being provided at the facility should these be able to be delivered by the service provider or another party
  9. The service provider agrees to the suite also being made available for the provision of other services (except hairdressing) when not being utilised by the provider. Under such circumstances, it will be NCH’s responsibility to ensure that the room is left clean and tidy following use.
  10. The service provider agrees to give NCH three months’ notice of intention to cease providing services at the facility and will be liable for all costs agreed between parties during this period.
  11. NCH will agree to give the service provider three months’ notice of intention to withdraw use of the service facility from the provider. The exception to this will be where there has been a serious breach in the standards of contact expected from service provider staff. In such a case the agreement to utilise the facility will cease with immediate effect.

Bid requirements

In responding to this opportunity the service provider will:

  1. State the monthly fee that will be paid in respect of rental of the hairdressing suite (inclusive of all utility costs).
  2. State the number of days per week (whole or half days) that the provider proposes to offer hairdressing services at Winwood Heights.
  3. Detail the rates that they propose to charge Winwood Heights residents for the provision of hairdressing services.
  4. Detail any additional services that they will be able to offer to residents, and charges that may apply.
  5. Detail their experience of providing hairdressing services to older citizens.
  6. Confirm adherence to the service requirements as detailed above.


Next steps

If you have any queries, please email us.

All bids must be submitted by Friday 1 March 2019 by completing this form and returning it by email.