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Data Protection and Freedom of Information

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the Data Protection Act 2018 ensure that we look after the information we hold about people. It gives the data subject (the person the data is about) certain rights about their personal data.

Under GDPR, you can ask for access to the personal information we hold about you. You can also ask for someone else to get information for you, as long as you provide written consent.

If you want to ask for your personal information under GDPR, you can do so by completing this Access Request Form or writing to:

The Company Secretary
Loxley House
Station Street
Nottingham NG2 3NJ

View our Data Protection Policy

Your request must be signed by you and must include your current address, date of birth and any information that will help us find the information you want. When you make your request you must provide proof of ID such as a passport or driving licence.

We will respond to your request under GDPR within one calendar month of receipt of your authority to provide the information.
The Freedom of Information (FOI) Act allows anyone to ask to see the information that we hold.

The Act allows you to ask for information about Nottingham City Homes. You can't ask for information about individual people - that kind of information is covered by GDPR.

Also, we may not be able to provide the information if we don't have it, or if it's out of date, or if it's already published, or if it would take too long for us to provide it.

We may also charge for the information you want.

If you want to ask for information under the Freedom of Information Act, you can do so by email or by writing to:

The Governance Team
Loxley House
Station Street
Nottingham NG2 3NJ

We must provide information that you ask for under the Act within one calendar month of receiving your request.