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Corporate Plan Consultation

How should we spend the rent you pay?

Most of what we do – whether it’s carrying out repairs, fitting new kitchens and bathrooms, improving our blocks and estates, or supporting you to keep a roof over your head and providing services such as employability support – is funded by the rent you pay.

We know that value for money is important to you – and you’ve told us that you think you get value for money for your rent.

We also know that you appreciate the rent-free weeks you get twice a year, and the Responsible Tenant Reward that sees £100 credited to your rent account every Christmas if you meet the criteria.

We believe that you should have a say on what we do and what services we provide – which is why we want to know what you think should go into our plan for the next three years.

Please complete this survey by Friday 16 October to tell us what you think, and you can be entered into our prize draw to win £100 in shopping vouchers.

What you tell us will help us develop our plan for the next three years.

Thank you.