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Nottingham City Homes acts for Nottingham City Council to manage the allocation of homes through the HomeLink scheme. This includes properties owned by Nottingham City Council and those of other registered social landlords (housing associations).

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There are a number of ways you can find a home.

The most usual way is to put yourself on our housing register. The information on allocations tells you more about this. When you are registered on the housing register, you can apply for housing through the HomeLink scheme.

You can also carry out a mutual exchange, where you swap your property with someone who has another Nottingham City Homes, council or housing assocation home. Use the information from this page to tell you more.

Each partner in the HomeLink scheme will have its own slightly different allocations policy which is open and transparent. Our policy groups people according to their housing need into 'bands'. Allocations are made in date order within these bands.

Use the links in this section to find out more about our allocations policy and home standard leaflet front cover

Read the Guide to Homelink, find out more about what advice and support is available to help you find a home, and who can help you from our 'useful links and documents' page. Take a look at our New Home Standard leaflet as well.

Find out more about the Housing Allocations policy - go to our section called 'useful links and documents'.

On the housing register and looking for a new home?

Read this important note on the HomeLink website first.

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