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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I report anti-social behaviour, hate crime or domestic abuse?

By calling 0300 300 9999. You can also contact the anti-social behaviour helpline on 0115 915 2020.

Can I report anti-social behaviour, hate crime or domestic abuse anonymously?

Yes – although it may hinder our investigation, and we won’t be able to give you updates on the case. Visit our page on How we deal with ASB.

How do I register for Housing Online?

To register just visit the Housing Online website. 

I want to register on your waiting list – what’s the criteria?

Usually, you must have lived within the Nottingham city boundary for three out of the last five years and be aged 18 or over. Find out more about by visiting HomeLink.

Can I get some help to fill out my HomeLink application form?

Yes – contact HomeLink.

Can you tell me what the waiting times are for a particular area?

Waiting time is dependent on what band you’re in, the area you want to live, and the type of property you’re bidding for. We can give you an approximate waiting time – please email us. Remember - we can only give you this information if you’re already registered with us.

How do I find someone to exchange properties with?

Find out about mutual exchanges here.

I'm going to be made homeless - what do I need to do?

If you live in Nottingham you need to contact Nottingham Housing Aid.

How do I have a bulky item of rubbish collected?

How do I apply for contents insurance?

Find out more on our contents insurance page.

Can I have a pet such as a cat or dog in my flat?

We don’t normally allow cats and dogs in flats unless they have ground floor access to a private garden area. Assistance dogs for blind and deaf people are allowed.

How do I end my tenancy?

You must give us four weeks’ written notice. Find out more about ending your tenancy.

How do I find out more about Universal Credit?

There’s useful information on our Universal Credit page.

How do I contact my councillor?

Find out who your councillor is here, then contact them by phone or email, or drop into one of their advice surgeries. If it's about an NCH matter, please contact us first.